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Advertising in a Gamer's World
Apollo Matrix was contracted to develop a software development kit to help mobile game developers boost ad revenue and app engagement.
The result: Game Card SDK.
The Opportunity
The mobile advertising industry is flourishing as more people rely on their phones for information and experiences. In 2015 alone, mobile advertising grew 70% and experts expect the industry to triple in size by 2020. 
The Challenge
While the industry is promising, mobile game developers have yet to find success with their advertising strategies. Ads displayed in mobile games have the least reach per ad and the least amount of influence on consumer decisions relative to other mobile advertisements.
The Solution
We don't believe mobile gaming apps are a lost cause for advertising, it just means current delivery methods don't work. We see this as an opportunity to create a new and effective advertising platform for the gaming industry.
The solution: Game Card SDK.
The Game Card Experience
Players opt-in to receive home or lock screen notifications about the change to earn rewards.
Player is notified about the chance to earn rewards, even they're not playing the game.
If player chooses to earn rewards, they must watch a video advertisement first.
After the video, the player receives rewards and is encouraged to play the game.
There's no doubt about it, the Game Card SDK is a win for all in the mobile gaming industry. 
Players earn rewards outside of the actual game.

Game developers earn more ad revenue and push players to spend more time in the app.

Advertisers have a new less intrusive platform in which to reach customers with. 
How We Did It
We defined, tested, and documented how a game publisher would use their push notification system to present a home screen game card to players. 
Research | Push Notification Testing 
We defined, built, and documented a new Game Card API. The API is for the SDK that developers will add to their game in order to present home screen game cards. 
Wireframes | Design of Configurable Fields | Template Design | Architecture & API Design
We enhanced the sample app our client built to incorporate the new API.
Architecture & API Design | App Code Re-write | Encryption | SDK Description 
Implementation Support
The Game Card SDK is in beta testing with game developers around the world. Apollo supports these companies by providing implementation & personalization assistance.
The Client
Mobile Posse is a consumer engagement powerhouse. They specialize in sending messages through interactive, rich-media notifications to a phone’s home and lock screen. We’ve successfully partnered with them before on the development of our product: CardUP. The Game Card SDK is another example of our success together. 
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